Why the Average Ransomware Demand in high at 2018

When you hear the term ransomware then your mind immediately strikes you about the malware to a computer system which can be removed by paying a sum amount of money, in another word it can be known as a computer virus or  malware which does not allow its user to access his computer system until he pays the amount of money asked and that amount of money is not fixed every time, it can be anything from $1 to $100000, anything can be asked and the user has to pay that amount of money to re-access his computer system and The average ransomware demand in 2018 was $1,077 for a single computer if hunted by a ransomware malware.

How Can A System Get Attacked By Ransomware

When you are working on a computer system and that computer has internet access and you are using the internet on that computer system then if you click on an infected link the cybercriminals will easily deliver ransomware to your computer system and they can put payload on you to get access to your computer system again, clicking on an infected link is the major cause of getting a ransomware on a computer system. In 2018 ransomware was the most powerful malware threat and there are signs that it will also be the biggest malware threat of 2019 as well. Most of the businesses which were hunted through ransomware told that they were not at all ready for something like this and they still do not know how to deal with and how to save their computer system with this.

The average ransomware demand in 2018 was $1,077

Are Mobile Phones Safe From Ransomware

Well you will be shocked and afraid to know that even your mobile phone has a threat from ransomware and your mobile phone can also be infected and hunted by a ransomware malware, there have been many testimonies that in 2018 number of mobile phones were also influenced through this malware and now it has been increasing in this year as well. All the businesses whose computer systems were hunted by ransomware had the updated security from malware and still this strong malware was able to penetrate through that security barrier and cause this much trouble in the computer system that the user of the computer system will not be able to access his computer system until he pays the asked amount of money and same happened with the mobile phones as well. There is no stopping of this malware and it is increasing his number in 2019.

The ransomware malware is one of the most powerful malware and many of the cybersecurity firms are not able to pull a way out to get secured from this malware.

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