Types Of Proxy Servers You Should Know About

Proxy servers act as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. As a result, when you request for access to any information on the internet, the request goes through a proxy site that you use. People use proxy servers to gain access to various websites that are blocked or restricted in their country. Also, proxy servers help in increasing the browsing speed when several computers use the same network. If you plan to use a proxy server, you need to know about the types of proxy servers that are there. Here’s a list of types of proxy servers you need to know about.

Transparent proxy

Transparent proxy servers are the ones that are shown to websites as a proxy server. There is no hiding the fact a proxy server is being used. Transparent proxy servers pass along the ip address of the user to the website and provides access to the information that they seek. Schools, public libraries, and small businesses commonly use transparent proxy servers,as it’s easy to set up the server.

Anonymous proxy

While anonymous proxy servers are also identified as a proxy server, just like transparent proxy servers, they don’t let the websites know of your ip address. As a result, your browsing habits can be kept private and it also prevents identity theft. If you’re sick of targeted marketing, which is a website picking up what you look for and showing advertisements related to that search on every other social platform, an anonymous proxy might be helpful.

Proxy Servers

Distorting proxy

A distorting proxy site sends across your ip address to the website; however, it manipulates the ip address and sends a false ip address. However, a distorting proxy server shows itself as a proxy server too. While it’s quite similar in its functions to an anonymous proxy, the difference is that instead of hiding away your ip address, it sends a false ip address. Distorting proxy servers are useful when people want access to location-specific websites that restrict access to users from other locations. For this purpose, a distorting proxy server would distort your ip address to make it look like it’s from a location from where people can access the website.

High anonymity proxy

High anonymity proxy servers are known to provide the highest level of security and privacy to users who browse the internet. High anonymity proxy servers keep changing the ip address of the user that they provide websites from time to time. This creates a lot of confusion as to where the traffic is coming from. As a result, it becomes hard to track where the user is and what is the right ip address.

These are some of the common kinds of proxy servers that people use. Using proxy servers is quite beneficial, which is why, each day, more and more people try to gather supplementary info about proxy servers and use them. You should choose to set up the kind of proxy server that suits your requirements, since these have very specific functions.

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