Thursday 24 January 2019
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The origin of websites: JsonWhois

As we speak in many languages, so do machines, especially computers. They use different languages for different programs. Java, Python, C++, etc. all are examples of computer languages. These languages result in the formation of data. And like the lineage of a person, this data can also be tracked right back to its source. This is used for tracking information of websites. The data that we gather for this purpose is known as WHOIS data, and it is used to find out the details about its source site.


Who needs WHOIS?

For common gentry, they have no need for info regarding the owner and operator of websites and online pages. But there are some, to whom it is very critical. These people and authorities are:

  • Cyber-crime units:The entire case depends upon tracking the owner of the criminal site. There is another type of WHOIS data, known as the reverse WHOIS. Using this, the agency is able to trace all listed websites and online content by the name and registration of a particular person or company. These two processes have led to the capture of many virtual frauds and criminals.
  • Cyber investigation units:It is not only to nab criminals that online data source is sought, sometimes it is for investigation purposes too. When a complaint is filed against a party, the actual owner of the website is tracked with the help of JsonWhois. Monetary frauds are a common occurrence and money that has been routed through multiple channels is traced back to its owner by cyber investigation units. The WHOIS data is, kind of, the fingerprint of a website.
  • Law enforcement:These agencies keep track of malicious online content and use the source code as material evidence against the accused in a court of law. Local police authorities have a resident computer operator who is well versed in online tracking and locating. With every passing day, the importance of laws governing digital space is becoming more evident. As WHOIS data is accurate and impossible to fake, the guilty party is easily apprehended.
  • Corporate research:Online presence of companies is even more important than their physical stores. The consumer looks for the reviews and online persona of a brand before approaching the brand itself. In such cases, when a corporate comes across another, exhibiting a much better profile, it uses the WHOIS data to get to know its details. Then based on the same model, or taking the help of the person who built it, they emulate the design.

JsonWhois has been helpful to both law agencies and common folk in achieving their ends. It also provides tracking service for bulk quantities and has a data base that is weekly updated for the most accurate result.

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