Radar Detectors with GPS – What are the benefits of having one?

Lots of high-end detectors include a GPS chip in their detector. Some radar detectors come in 2 separate models, with GPS or without GPS. Some radar detectors will lack a GPS chip, but they give the Bluetooth ability so you will be able to pair this with your mobile phone or run any app, and use phone’s GPS for adding similar functionality. Do you want a radar detector with a GPS facility? Would your driving need a GPS chip or it will be fine with the basic and less costly detector? Let us take a close look at the benefits of having the GPS chip in the radar detector so you will be able to decide which oneis the best option.

Benefits of the GPS in Radar Detector

Primary advantages of having radar detectors with GPS boil down to lesser false alerts and getting notified of the RLC’s around the city. Very specifically, these benefits are:

  • GPS lockouts
  • Red light camera and speed camera alerts
  • Low-speed muting

radar detectors with GPS

What to Search for in a Radar Detector

Range – Better the range, more time you will haveto slow down. The range depends on the direction, number, and quality of antennas. Some of the best devices will score you over 5 miles of the signal reach.

Design–Like mentioned above, in certain states,it’sillegal to mount the radar detector on the windshield since it can affect the driver’s vision. While comparing different designs of the radar detectors, know how you’replanning to mount it. Thinkabout the weight andsize of the radar detector, as a smaller car may demand a smaller device.

Price–The radar detectors will easily come ata budgetprice, with a few premium models that will cost around $500. You will get aperfectly decent radar for below $100, though the range may not be very good.

When are the radar detectors useless?

We know what awesome detectors will do in improving your driving experience;however, we aren’t saying it’s one foolproof device. In certain cases, the police will use tricks for making radar detectors useless. For instance, most police cars have got speed radars on the back or front, and the police officer will turn it on at any moment. It means that the common detectors will not have enough time to detect the police radar. One way to work over this issue is buying the detector with a fast response time that will work to send the warning signals within a fewseconds.

In certain cases where the police officers are hidden in blind spots of the radar detector (at times on sides), you must ensure to get a 360-degree radar detector, or you will have a hard time in detecting the police radar.

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