How To Get The Best 360 Dome VR Service For A Reasonable Price

360 dome, these are usually the term that is used in a virtual reality that can be seen 360 degrees. Its a very big VR that are very popular in various events from games to shows, and this is because it allows a whole new experience on how to interact with the environment. If you have an event that offers VR or augmented reality, you can expect that your event will be fully booked.

It’s becoming recognized now, but still, the world still hasn’t seen its full potential. This is the reason why hiring a VR service provider can be costly especially if what you’re going for is very challenging. The service can be offered, but because it still is very new the hype is there and even if there are competitions it still is a costly service. So if you plan to get one you need to be prepared for the unexpected, unless you got a very big budget.

Find a small company: A small company can offer you a smaller rate versus the bigger companies. There are smaller companies that can offer you a good quality service the same that you can get with the more expensive and bigger companies, you just need to find out who these companies are and where they are located, nothing that good old Google can’t handle.

Learn to negotiate the service: You might think that VR services are fixed and that’s true, but you will never know unless you try it out. Not all of these VR companies are big and even if they already stated their prices there are still times where their pricing can still be altered. The usual thing that people use to negotiate is to give some reasons why they want to work with this certain VR company but they are also looking at another company that can fulfill that service with a lower cost, and tell it to that VR company that they target hoping to get an expression. Some VR companies will hate to give out a customer that wants to work with them to the competition, so some will reassess their rate and give something that both parties can work with. You will never know this unless you try to negotiate.

Aim for long term projects: Long term project with VR is something that companies can benefit because it fits them in the “cool” category of companies. That’s why if you got an opportunity to potentially incorporate a 360 done in your events or show for a long period of time, do it. For some companies these things are costly but there’s a way to negotiate the price if a VR company that you really want to work with can’t give in to your target budget. Offer them a long project if it’s possible, because a long term project is the consistency that most VR companies are looking for and they wouldn’t mind rearranging their cost service for a long term plan, which can turn to your favor.

360 dome is still not very popular but they are slowly being recognized especially today that its slowly taking off in the mainstream category of services. But the problem with some companies that are trying to get this type of service is that it’s costly. If you’re one of them, there are things that can do to possibly get a lower rate. Find a company that is small or just starting, try to haggle for the price and aim for long term projects.

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