In 1988, the International Business Machines or short for IBM made a breakthrough in the flourishing computer innovation after it successfully created an upgraded midrange computer system they called Application System/400 or short for the AS/400 operating system which was later known as the eServer iSeries in the year 2000.

administrator of the system

It was part of IBM’s innovative branding initiative last 2006 before it was renamed System I.

Its codename AS/400 has its own moniker known as Silver Lake named after the lake in Rochester, Minnesota where it was developed, manufactured and introduced to the public.

It served as the first generation of IBM’s midrange computer systems conceptualized for small to medium businesses and enterprises and served as a host or an intermediate node to other similar systems. It has a remote system mainframe with a network server connected to personal computers.

Medium sized computer systems or servers have a very broad range in its capacity between more advanced personal computers and servers as well as mainframes. IBM’s power systems available for both businesses and for scientific purposes and was formerly known as minicomputers.

After it was introduced to the public, the AS/400 has become one of the most used systems of IBM. It is commonly seen installed too large, medium and small enterprises in the department levels. It was also seen in small corporations’ offices, government agencies and in various industries that want to innovate their operations and data processing capabilities.

During its prime, AS/400’s main benefits to its users were a lot during that time compared to other computers systems which were still on its early stage, meaning computers from the 1980’s to early 2000’s have not fully embraced advancement compared to today’s computers that can process multiple tasks, ran multiple applications and can store terabytes of data and it was only AS/400 had all these capabilities.

The benefits of using AS/400’s computer system was that it was capable of having multiple-gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM) and multi-terabytes of hard disk space that can be a repository for large amounts of data to which data mining is applicable for the user or administrator of the system.

It was also applicable to the Java application development that it is closely correlated and compatible with the integrated Java virtual machine and it’s newest tools that were designed and conceptualized by IBM itself for business and commercial platforms and applications which in a result, the AS/400 was transformed into a development system.

If the user primarily utilizes the system for e-commerce purposes, it is already packed with a web server and an array of applications that is designed to support this kind of use and it was built with firewall security that is capable of handling medium to large scale company that needs a reliable computer system.

The system was also designed to speed up companies that rely on e-mails, project file sharing, electronic collaboration from different departments and levels as well as whiteboard planning.

Compatible operating systems or software of the AS/400 were LPAR Scheme, OS/400, Lotus Domino, Linux and AIX while its servers are complete with the Unix and Wintel servers.

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