Copywriters will tell you any kind of lies for one reason or another just that they will turn you into a submissive client and let them do what they want. If you want to hire a copy write it is better if you hire them from online sites that limit them to such behaviour like contentmart.com. Copywriters at contentmart are restricted to a fixed deadline this will reduce the room for lies.

  1. Every project is exceptional provide more information so I can quote.

Copywriters charge projects according to the amount of much research that is required when writing content and the time it will take them to complete the project. Every project is different, and sometimes you need to factor these considerations in.nut the truth is that a copywriter will be ok with the amount you are willing to pay but they will not accept if there is a room for increment.


  1. I need to know your budget before I can quote.

Most copywriters have different charges for different clients,but they will still lie asking you your budget but they already know the charges they are going to charge for the project.

  1. I’m qualified, because I have a degree in English literature.

Copywriters will tell you what you want to hear,they will tell their academic qualification but the truth be told most to copywriters does not even hold a degree. It is weird to hire a person who does not know the basic rules of grammar and punctuation that’s why copywriters would want you have trust in them even though they never did anything close to literaturein college.

  1. I’m booked, but I can only squeeze you in if you pay a rush fee.

If you need something urgently then a copywriter will tell you they are busy but at a rush fee charge they can squeeze you in,this is because they will have to work overtime to get your project ready by the time you need it so it’s only fair if they charge a rush fee.

  1. I know what I’m doing, and if you’re smart, you’ll trust me.

Clients at times tend to want to control the whole process they will not let you work on their project without them sending countless emails. A freelance copywriter will make stop doubting their capabilities by making you trust them even if they are not sure of what they are doing.

  1. A great copy is all you need to makes

A copywriter would want to believe that a great copy will make you sales. But seriously if making sales was as easy as making agreat copy why do we to have good customer service,websites,advertisements and marketing campaign?.

  1. I had to quote high because of the time I will need to complete the project

This is just another lie that copywriters tell to give excuse for their ridiculous high rates,truth be told a great copywriter can generate a fantastic copy in minutes,but they would want to make you believe that it will take them hours.

  1. You get what you pay for

This just another way copywriters use to convince you that they can generate a great copy if the pay is good. But you can still get same quality copy from other copywriters for cheaper price

  1. This copy will sell anyone

That is a straight lie, a great copy is supposed to reach specific people with different specific problems and ideal customers not just everybody.

  1. Your email hit my spam box

This is an excuse copywriters use if they cannot deliver your work on time.

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