Why Buy Twitter Followers? 5 Things You Need To Know About Followers Campaigns On Twitter

Whether you are brand-new to the platform, or you have been on it for years, everyone wants to learn how to get followers on Twitter. This is because having a lot of followers drives so much of what everyone wants to do on Twitter. You can be trying to build a personal brand, sell a product, push a website, or just connect with friends; having more followers makes all of these experiences on Twitter Twitter more enjoyable. Every time a customer views your company, project, website, content etc. they’re subconsciously looking for subtle clues to decide whether or not to believe what you’re saying and engage. One of these important clues is social proof.

Twitter Followers

What Is A Followers Campaign?

Rather than buying fake followers, buy real followers. You can do so using a Twitter Followers campaign. Buy Twitter Followers campaigns as a way for you to grow your audience size in a smarter, more targeted way. These ads appear in timelines, the Who to Follow area and Twitter search results. Twitter will add a line that the tweet is promoted by your Twitter account, whether it’s personal, brand or business.

Followers Campaign Setup Is Super-Easy

A Twitter Followers campaign will help you reach those real people you want to follow your account. Here’s how to set one up:

  • Sign into the Twitter account you want to run a campaign for.
  • Visit Twitter Ads.
  • Click Create New Campaign > Followers.
  • Name your campaign.
  • Tell Twitter when you want the campaign to run (immediately and continuously, or with start and end dates).
  • Select your audience.
  • Set your budget.
  • Compose or select a tweet you want to promote.

Who You Can Target

After you’ve created your campaign in Twitter Ads, you can target people by:

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Twitter ID

Further targeting options allow you to target influencers or people who have visited your website in the past, or you can use custom lists (e.g., a list of email addresses you’ve collected). To be clear, when you use “Follower Targeting,” you aren’t buying anyone’s followers with a Twitter Followers campaign. You are targeting ads at certain people who are similar to a user or users you specify.

Share Your Most Awesome Content

People want to discover engaging content. So make sure your Followers campaign tweet gives people an outstanding piece of content. Your tweet should have proven value (one that has generated tons of views or engagements). Maybe it includes an amazing visual, such as an infographic, or maybe it’s the best-performing tweet you’ve ever tweeted. Show, don’t tell. People will follow you because you provide value, are useful, or are just cool, funny, entertaining or interesting.

You’ll Earn Free Ad Impressions, Engagements, Website Traffic

If someone clicks on a link that leads to your website, views your profile page, retweets you or engages with your promoted tweet in any other way, you don’t pay. Again, Twitter Followers campaigns charge on a pay-per-follow basis, so you only pay when someone follows you. (Note: No, you don’t get a refund if one of your new Twitter followers subsequently unfollows you, unfortunately.) Because the typical follow rate is 0.1 percent, that means 99.9 percent of the time your ads show, you pay nothing.

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