Is Social Media Replacing SEO?

With Google algorithm changes being introduced every now and then, rumors of SEO meeting its likely demise has not stopped circulating.

The idea of Google’s algorithm emphasizing the significance of long tail keywords has also added fuel to the fire.

In addition, the introduction of voice activated searches has revolutionized SEO’s old fundamentals.

While dark clouds loom over SEO, many claim the more apt question would be if social media marketing will be replacing SEO.

Lately, social media has been seen by some as the new face of marketing and manipulating online searches.

In essence, social media now entails more than just having a social presence on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

It has now become a powerful engine that helps enhance content optimization and social followings.

Nowadays, there’s no proof of social media replacing SEO yet.

What is clear however is social media can significantly enhance a brand’s SEO efforts.

Below are some effective ways you can utilize social media to make your SEO campaigns even more potent:

Determine what your competitors are up to.

Prior to creating content, consider it wise to check content shared on various and diverse blogs.

This does not mean that you should copy their ideas however.

Just get ideas from those sources and come up with a different take on the topics that are being tackled.

When possible, invest in the services of a trusted social media agency.

Apart from helping you create compelling content, they’d be able to help you analyze content published by competitors and give suggestion on what you can do to keep up with the major players in the industy.

Pick social media platforms you should focus on.

Ideally, it would be sound to just pick three or four social media platforms you can use to build your brand’s presence.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of social media platforms you can pick from nowadays.

Rather than spreading yourself too thin, it would be best to identify where you can find the most number of current and prospective customers and build a strong presence there.

How do you effectively identify where your likely audience are?

For starters, you can join communities and groups that focuses on your products or services.

You can also seek the help of a seasoned social media agency to help you pick the right platforms to focus on.

social media agency

Use social media to connect with your e-mail subscribers.

While considered conventional, e-mail is still considered one of the most helpful tools when sending out notifications and offers to customers and prospects alike.

With the Gmail Promotional tab, it’s easy for the e-mails to be overlooked as people seldom bother checking e-mails that don’t appear in their primary Inbox.

Fortunately, you can resolve the issues by connecting your blog update on Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can take advantage of pictures to drive traffic.

With a whopping 65 percent of human beings classified as visual learners, brands can take advantage of social media platforms to make a difference.

For instance, a presence on Pinterest can help you tap a vast majority of people who rely mostly on visuals.

In essence, a presence on image-driven sites like Pinterest can help you effectively engage with people who are visuals.

You can use advanced social media search features to interact with customers and prospects alike.

Popular social media sites like Twitter is considered effective when interacting with customers.

Advanced search options in Twitter makes it possible to instantly find customers looking for services and products offered by a particular brand.

What’s even better is it can be used for free and it provides the best opportunity to connect with customers and boost your revenues significantly.

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