The competition online between businesses nowadays is truly a tooth to nail battle which on the more positive side gives the consumers a lot of good options as businesses continue to enhance their service and products and level up their marketing strategies.

However, this has been proven a very daunting challenge for startups to establish their names in the new world of digital marketing but with the help of organic traffic.

So how to buy organic traffic? There are actually tons of ways to buy organic search traffic hiring companies specializing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but there are also ways where you can generate organic traffic without being costly.

In this article, let us talk about the effective ways of boosting your organic site traffic at no cost at all and will only take a few hours at your extra time.

  • Optimize your persona, not the search engine- You should communicate with your buyer personas by addressing your site’s content by making quality and very educational content where you potential persona buyer will be convinced to avail of your products and services.
  • Create a blog- Blogging is also one way to convince the consumers to patronize your product or service because in this way, you are able to visualize and showcase your product and service, if you know how to make blog content but you can somehow hire or invite bloggers to spread the word on your behalf. In this way, you are able to let bloggers become your consumers and let them make honest reviews. Consumers nowadays commonly checks reviews before they buy products.
  • Try using long tail keywords- In terms of SEO, using long tail keywords is an effective way for marketing strategy by increasing your site’s rank in the search engine. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can identify your website as a destination for the keyword that you provided, and in return, it will boost your content’s search rankings for the ideal consumers of your product or service.
  • Lower your meta- The meta title is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and the proper description that is a key element in optimizing a website. Tech experts said that this is a simple but very effective way to optimize sites by using plugins and WordPress to help your page being optimised.
  • Create quality content regularly- Regularly, meaning, you should be consistent in producing contents by publishing about your product background, service background, your company’s background, your vision, mission, goals, and your planned innovations for your customers. Also, you can advertise your new services, promotions, and special offerings. This is an effective way to create organic traffic naturally.
  • Utilize internal links- If you were able to build a decent back catalog for your content, you can link it to your main site, or blog so that your potential customers will be directed to your site which offers a more relevant content and product overview. In this way, it will help your site earn more organic traffic because of the internal links that you embedded to certain keywords or the ones that you included with the content.

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