Top Benefits Of Blogging Your Website To Get Best SEO Results

Not even a guy with tons of experience under his or her belt can guarantee great results from search engine optimisation strategies. Search engine optimisation is too complicated to understand and add to that, search engines like the Google are making big changes to their algorithms. The Google’s Panda update, took the World Wide Web by storm, redefining the dimensions of the SEO strategies.  This update, throw light on the importance of content; as rightly said by the founder of Microsoft that “Content is King.”  All these changes made SEO experts to make tweaks to their work strategies and policies. However, one recipe for SEO success, which has always been the most reliable, is Blogging.

Well, you might say blogging is an old-school means to boost traffic to your business website, enhance leads and sales, but, it is still an ethical technique for off page trusted by SEO proficient across the globe. Here, in this post, we take a look at the top reasons to invest in blogging in 2018. So, let roll and take a look at these:

Guest Blogging Backlinking

Even in 2018, backlinking is an important aspect of off page search engine optimisation. A section of the crowd believe that backlinking is dead today, however, the truth lies on the opposite side, with getting a link from other quality websites is no brainer. You can get the benefits of having quality backlinks from third party sites related to your domain. One thing to note in here is that the link you get from blogging is no following. These quality links can benefit your website in a way increasing traffic.


One reason to do blogging is to get popular over the internet. You can create multiple blogs, both paid and free. For the former one, you have to buy the domain name and post quality content, because then only you receive traffic on your blog. For the latter one, you can create your blog on other free blogging platforms, like, WordPress, etc. However, one crucial thing is to keep in mind is that you are required to hire the trusted Freelance SEO consultants having a pool of content curators to create quality content for your website.


Keywords are the most significant part of SEO strategies, and the same goes for blogging. So, it is required from your side to seek an expert, who can find the best set of keywords relevant to your business domain and website. The age of keywords into blogging is still a big thing nowadays; the keywords serve a massive purpose. Otherwise, if you don’t pick the right keywords, you are going to struggle to achieve good traffic.

In the end, if it all, from the above, you probably come to know everything about the motive of blogging and why it is so indispensable. But, one thing to note in here, you have to hire one of the trustworthy Freelance SEO consultants to help you promote your website.

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