Get an idea about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process which increases the possibilities of a website visibility in the result page of the search engine. This process is done by incorporating the friendly elements of a search engine into a website in which you are working to increase the visibility. This SEO processes includes various processes like selecting the relevant keyword for the page you are optimizing and improving the other required things for the website. The search engine optimization can be classified in two areas. They are on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization included the elements of a website like HTML code, images and textual content. The off page optimization refers to backlinks which are used to point the website which is under the SEO process.

Types of SEO process

The Search Engine Optimization process has two types named White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. Both types have their unique way of optimizing the website with the required elements. The white hat SEO uses the methods and techniques which can improve the rankings of search engine on the basis of the guidelines of search engines. The white hat SEO process includes different techniques like HTML optimization and restructuring, content development and develops the link using the quality content and manual search. By using the white hat SEO process, you can expect gradual, steady and effective growth in the search engine result rankings.

Black hat SEO is the process in optimizing the ranking of a website. The black hat SEO process will misuse the weakness of the algorithms of a search engine to get the rankings in the search engine. The processes which are followed in the black hat SEO will not be under the guidelines of the search engines. To obtain the highest ranking for a website, the SEO process will do many methods and techniques which are not recommended by the search engine guidelines. This black hat SEO process is followed by many companies since it offers the optimization process at very low cost. The techniques that are followed in the black hat SEO are keyword stuffing, cloaking, link spam, hidden links and hidden text.

Even though both white hat SEO and Black hat Seo works equally, the companies which are having sustainable and long term goals prefer white hat SEO than the black hat SEO. By black hat SEO the results may be obtained easily, but you cannot expect lasting growth in the rankings.

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