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Google algorithms have changed a lot lately. Anchors and links are read, and any garbage you include in your content can result in a ban. Your spintaxes should not contain any plagiarism. The Wicked Article Creator comes handy if you want an automatic content generator to give you original content that looks like it was done manually. It is fast and efficient; gives you quality content on time.

Who needs content generation software?

Anyone out there who values their internet marketing strategies needs this software. Google is smart and finds duplicates very fast. It will spot spintaxes and any content that is not readable.  That is why you need software that will give you excellent articles that do not read like ordinary spun content.

It gives you high returns

The article creator is affordable with basic version going for $35 and the premium version at $75. This is a simple investment that you make once, and you have the article creator for life. You do not have any limits; you are allowed to use it as many times as you want.  Though the software is not updated too often, you receive them for free, and you can return it within the first 30 days if it does not meet your expectations.

Leading digital marketers and SEO marketers are currently using this software and reaping benefits. It helps you get ready-content that you can submit manually or by using software systems such as Senuke, GSA or Magic Submitter.  It is an essential part of backlinking as it eases your work in every way when doing internet marketing.

Why should not use any other spinner

When looking for an article creator, you should not look beyond WAC.  You need to know that poorly spun articles come with implications. Since the articles are created by rephrasing the original content or changing a few words, paragraphs or a few sentences, therefore it must be done very well.  With so many writing software tools in the market be careful not fall into buying the wrong one.  Spun articles are an SEO technique, and only quality content can help you achieve your goal. If the content is not readable or keywords are stuffed, you will not see changes in your SEO campaign. Here is why should not go for cheap spinners:

  • Some spinners will give you very low-quality content that cannot help you in any way.
  • Search engines such as Yahoo and Google only accepts fresh quality articles.
  • You will be competing with blogs and sites that post high-quality content. So, get an article creator that modifies everything including the concept and style of bringing out the same ideas while ensuring that your work is not plagiarized.
  • Poor spinning threatens your reliability and prestige in your niche.

If you want an article creator that will take responsibility, it’s the WAC. It gives you content that is related to your niche and backlinks. It is a click away, and you can get your articles ready within a few minutes. No more worries about writers who fail to meet the deadline. Every morning the WAC software will have prepared materials for you.

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