Modern Marketing and Distribution Omni Channels Build More Profit

The intense competition in the commercial sector is now seeing a new revolution. That is the use of omni channel marketing. How is this different from the conventional styles of marketing? And, is it more useful compared for the businesses to use this method? We see the answer to these questions and more in this article.

Reason why conventional marketing methods lag

Conventional marketing methods envisage the use of questionnaires and promotion of brands. Indeed they work fine but the results are dubious. For one, the birth of a new brand sees a split in the market that affects all the brands. The old marketing strategy has to spell out the reasons for the success of the brand along with the alternatives to holding on to the customary brand.

In the omnichannel marketing platform, one does not hold on to the customer. Instead, one uses artificial intelligence. One can “see” how the customers line-up to buy one brand while they avoid another. This is through well-placed cameras covering all the brands from vantage points in the shop.

Usefulness of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now available from your dealer. You use software to do work that the clerk or manager does in the shop. It works like this. Say, you use the clerk to count the number of customers who ask for a particular brand. The clerk notes the questions and answers the queries of the customers. This is one way to boost the sales. You can use Chatbots in the place of the clerk.

You can program the Chatbot to answer a set of questions that the clerk normally answers. In addition, you can make the Chatbot give the reply, “Sorry, we are not aware of this problem you face. We will get back to you shortly,” to any new questions that the customers ask. The questions are recorded and the answers are fed to the Chatbot at the end of the day.

This way the Chatbots are constantly learning new things. They begin to anticipate the questions and prepare the best answers within a flash. This makes the answers more appealing to the customers. The use of Chatbots and face recognition devices in the omni channel distribution helps the marketers achieve more in a single campaign.

Helpful for stocking items

When you begin to get a feedback from your distribution line, you can prepare the goods needed in the stock room. This helps you meet the demand because you know which items are moving fast. Also, you can coordinate the distribution among your various buyers down the line and make sure they are all satisfied.

Automation thus helps improve the speed and accuracy of response. It improves the business functionality by removing anomalies and by keeping the path of each dealer you have in your network unique. The intelligent devices pick out the products you select from an assembly line or distribution network, track their movement through the warehouses and note the time they ship them. You can get the feedback on the time it takes for the movement and the number of items moved. The software tells you the total items moved in a month or year.

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