Getting the Most Out of Your Business’ Online Reputation

If you don’t control your online reputation, somebody else will, and you may not like what they have to say. Users everyday are writing reviews, ranking businesses online, and researching companies before contacting them. What’s on the internet can either help your business grow, or cause damage to you and your reputation. Taking charge of your online reputation is an important way to help your business grow.

Monitor Online

The first thing you need to do is run a Google search for your business and see what pops up. If there are very few reviews or something negative that’s been said then you need to do some reputation control. While it can be daunting and feel negative, keeping an eye on what’s being said about your business is the first place to start in making sure that you have a good online reputation. Use tools to monitor online and keep an eye out for problems. If you spot any, you can be proactive in getting issues cleared up.

Stay Involved in Social Media

Social media profiles don’t just give you another way to interact with customers – they will appear on the first page of Google searches and can push down any negative reviews into lower in the search rankings. This is a great way to do immediate damage control, but also will help you long-term. Customers who are unhappy can now easily contact you instead of turning to write a nasty review. You may be able to diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand.

Start a Blog and Publish Quality Content Regularly

Your goal is to fill the first page of Google search results with positive information about your business. One way to do this is to start a blog that you update regularly with positive content. You can write about anything related to your business or its sector, but make sure that you are using SEO appropriately and maintaining a positive tone.

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Online Reputation

Encourage Positive Reviews

People love to talk about their experiences, and getting positive reviews from customers can be as simple as asking for them. Posting on your blog, requesting on social media, or having a link on your website to popular review sites will all help you get positive reviews from users.

Don’t Hide from the Bad Reviews

The worst thing a business can do when they get a negative review is pretend that it never happened. The review isn’t going to go away – it’s there forever on the internet, so you need to respond. Be honest, transparent, and kind, and users will appreciate your candor. In the same vein, never join in online arguments. Don’t take negative reviews as a personal attack, and never respond in kind. You’ll only sully your reputation.

Focus on Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to improve your online brand if your customer service is lacking. Make sure that you are giving people things to rave about, and they will.

Repairing a damaged reputation can take a long time and a lot of work. It’s best to take charge at the beginning and work hard to keep your reputation stellar, but if you have damage control to do, follow these steps and enjoy the improvement.

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