Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG, a sensational that took the world at a storm overnight!

When it comes to online multiplayer battle royal games it aspires a certain amount of crowd not everyone, but PUBG has changed the face of action games across the world! So what actually makes PUBG so popular? The answer comes down to it being the most fast pacing game that zooms away once you start to play.

How PUBG works?

 Firstly one should understand that PUBG is not the typical and boring shooter game. The basic aim in playing this game is to survive and not get killed, to the matter of fact is that you can actually win this game without getting hit even a SINGLE time, yes it is true, all you have to do is get used to this unique shooting strategy game, and there is no looking back, PUBG can keep you hooked for hours together, beware of the addiction! The winning agenda is to remain Stealth, the whole time so to speak the highest ranking players who compete in tournaments simply rely on the stealth strategies just by hiding and make it till the end of the round. Although at the end of the game to end it, each of the player will get exposed, die that’s how you can be the winner!

As you begin playing the game, the combats are great for new players as it can be of a good practice, but PUBG combats techniques are little different and you have to acquire expertise or at least ten rounds to actually win it, therefore practice makes man perfect even while playing PUBG.

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PUBG- A rage across the world

Ever since its launch in December last year, this game has created havoc across the world, talking about the world Germany especially. Many German review sites have given this game positive reviews recommended playerunknowns battlegrounds herunterladen to all gaming enthusiastic. Within a limited span of time, PUBG has even over taken across all the social media platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter and many more. There are communities of players that discuss the game, its strengths, and the strategies to play and so on. PUBG fans have flooded all the gaming websites and reviews websites by commenting and are coming forth to read the articles on every aspect of the game and also how they cherish their experience while playing this phenomenal online shooter game of all time.

The game has unique concept that makes it a fun gaming experience as the winner gets a free chicken dinner!  You can get a good gaming feel on an Xbox, PC with various features all customized to the particular and suitable for the player to have a good time and fun with this challenging yet strategy based shooting game. There are various versions to PUBG, with features such as maps, weapons, gears and other items that make it a great and deadliest online game of all time. The best part of this game is the tense and realistic shooting which is mixed with a slow paced combat that helps the player to be fresh and excited throughout all the matches.

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