Terms to consider while choosing trail camera

There are quite few people who love to hunt. Since this would be quite frustrating while trying to hunt and not hunting any buck, you can use some special tool to ease your process. You may know that they are out there, but you cannot seem to find them easily. There, you can assist trail cameras or game camera.

Actually, trail camera has become popular among hunters. Most of the hunters are using these cameras in order to monitor the movement of animals, which are roaming around certain place for long time. You may find many game cameras in market. If you really like to engage this, you have to look for some factors to choose the best trail camera. You can also find the following features in your best trail camera under 100 hence make thorough research about this and pick the reliable one. Here are some factors you need to consider.


When it comes to flash, you may find two major options, one is incandescent flash, and another one is infrared flash. When you are used to hunt during night time, you can go with infrared flash. On other hand, the incandescent cameras help you to capture quality color image.

best trail camera under 100


When it comes to resolution, it refers to number of pixels the picture will be composed of. There is no difference with the resolution feature; it is similar as the regular camera. When you go with more pixels, it will give you high quality image. If you have to go on budget, you can better look for low end cameras.

Trigger speed:

The trigger time usually refers to moment, when the cameras detect heat or motion to take the shot. When it comes to choose the best one, you probably need cameras with fast trigger speed, so that the camera would record the movement of animal.

Recovery time:

Next to the trigger speed, you would also refer to consider the recovery time. Look for the cameras with fast recovery time. Have a clear idea about the recovery time and choose the one that meet your needs.


Usually, the trail cameras would get its power from D, AA, and C batteries. In that, some would be powered by 6 volt batteries, whereas some come with 12 volt batteries. Look for the cameras that offer long life batteries.


Basically, the trail camera would come with two memory options, such as SD card and internal memory. If you get camera with internal memory, you can use it conveniently, because here you are not supposed to buy SD card. But, you cannot get enough memory with the internal memory, so probably you would need to search for additional memory space.

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