Everything you know about GagaPay network

Due to the advancements in the technologies, a lot of things have been innovated today to make our life so comfy. Gone are the days, we all using the real form of money which needs to be carried out wherever we move for our expenses. But the arrival of cryptocurrencies has changed the some rules in our financial matters. Actually, crypto currency is a kind of electronic money which is not limited to a single country and it doesn’t be produced by any government or a bank. These are the digital currencies and they are now become trending in the trading. It can be earned and saved through online. Of course, you can also pay it for your transaction from the wallet which is also available online. There are so many platforms that are now available for offering you the wallet or payment service with this cryptocurrencies. One of the most famous sites is GagaPay network which is powered by NEO. It offers the chance to make all your payment with your available coins.

powered by NEO

What is GagaPay?

Gagapay is a kind of network which allows the users to make their payment with the cryptocurrencies they have earned. To put in simple words, the Gagapay is a platform which helps to make the transaction of cryptocoins easily. It is also a kind of the Blockchain powered platform that helps to host the various affiliate or the referral programs.

The existing Blockchain powered platforms can only help to host the affiliate or the referral programs. But, this GagaPay network can allow the users to create both the combo if affiliate, referral, loyalty and network marketing programs together. All these programs can be created under a single account. Since this GagaPay provides these kinds of the interesting features, it is so beneficial to use. Of course, this GagaPay network is offering you some interesting perks that are mentioned as follows.

  • Gives easy user interface along with the readymade templates and it can be used by just drag and drop method
  • Create any kind of programs like loyalty, network marketing, referral or affiliate using the single account
  • Allow the users to integrate both the fiat and crypto currencies along with the payment plug-in

Since this network powered by NEO is integrated with the crypto platform, it can allow the users save, exchange and use the crypto rewards through the different payments like mobile phone and debit cards.

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