Effective SEO Techniques to Secure Google Businesses

Do you want to know some effective search engine optimization techniques to keep your account from hackers claiming it?

This world dominated by digital advances are indeed turning things to shift so rapidly. It made people switch from the old internet marketing ways to using search engine optimization or SEO.

Digital marketers no longer settle for “just being online”. They look for new incredible ways of competing online to make a good online impression. This eventually gets them leads that convert their audience to customers.

Search engine optimization ensures that your website is doing good on the world wide web. It’s more than just getting traffic.

And after all that has been said, this digital world also makes it easy for hackers to access you in just 1…2…3.

Today, I’m going to talk about some effective search engine optimization techniques that you can use in driving traffic and success in your website while keeping yourself secured from possible threat of attacking your Google Businesses account.

Things to Master in SEO

SEO is a marketing strategy that helps your business in getting leads and turning them into buying customers. However, doing SEO isn’t just as easy as publishing a content or sending comments.

The game on SEO has changed so drastically that people must need to think of it as a branding strategy than just a marketing tactic.

To drive traffic, rank on Google search while making sure you are secured, here’s what you can do.

1. Engage More Often

More than anything else, engagement is an important aspect of a successful search engine optimization. Engagement is a measure of the amount of time a visitor spent on a page. This impacts the growth of your business.

Make sure that as much as possible, use plenty of clear and informative sub-headers. State facts and important information in bullets. Your images also do a lot of talking, it helps you show an idea, and it helps in driving the reader’s interest more. With that, your images should help tell a story or simplify an idea or thing. Lastly, improve your bounce rate by adding links to more pages within your website in your content.

You can encourage engagement by asking and responding to comments or messages. If you have a good web page engagement, Google will give you a high ranking in the search engine results pages or SERPs and hackers will find it hard to get you because of the reliability and your strong connection with Google itself.

SEO Techniques to Secure Google Businesses

2. Make Pages Longer

Longer pages are a result of a longer content. Search engine optimization usually give higher ranks to websites with longer pages. You can start making a page from 1,200 words to 2,000 words than to go from 0 words to 2,000 words.

3. Improve your YouTube SEO

For a higher chance of ranking on google search, you can make and improve your YouTube account. YouTube is also the second most popular search engine.
55% of all keyword searches on Google return at least one video and 82% of those videos are from YouTube. Focus on YouTube SEO to push your website onto the first page of Google.

4. Improve Site Speed

Google uses site speed as a ranking factor. Basically, Google wants your website to load faster than it is right now.

You should work on your site’s speed to work your way up Google’s rankings. Improve site by adding an index to optimize your database. And make sure your images and pages are optimized.

Improving your site speed is the best technique you can make to keep hackers away from your Google businesses account.

5. Build Backlinks

Building backlinks are crucial for good rankings. A site’s backlink profile is still the most reliable indicator of its eventual rankings. without backlink, it’s impossible to rank well. Low quality is links that are easily spammed. Blog comments paid links. This can also harm your site.

While links that are earned through quality content, outreach, and influencer marketing are safe and extremely effective. Make sure to get links from high-quality content.

6. Technical Optimization

It’s absolutely essential to have a solid website.  You have to make sure you’re worry-free that any technical issues that may arise. Since you’re aiming to rank higher on Google Search, it’s better to have a good technical optimization. Doing so makes your Google Businesses account more safer and secured.

If you got hack though, you can still find your unclaimed google business account here: https://www.selldigital.co.uk/blog/how-to-find-unclaimed-businesses-on-google.

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