7 Basic conversion rate optimization tips

The success of any search engine marketing strategy is measured by the number of conversions and return on investments that come from the search campaign. Search engine marketers are not only tasked with driving traffic to your website but also help increase the likelihood of a sale or any other type of conversion. Realizing the conversion potential relies on very many factors including the content as well as ease of navigation. Here are 7 basic conversion rate optimization tips that can help you increase sales or conversions from your website.

  1. Make the contact information visible on the landing page.

If your visitors or customers need to take an action, such as call you for a quote, they need to know immediately how to go about doing so. If your contact information is hidden in depths of your website, you are not going to have as many conversions even if you are generating so much traffic.

  1. Be responsive.

If your contact information is visible on your landing page, you are heading in the right direction. All you have to do now is have a team or even you, to respond to regular emails, voice messages, and any other queries. No one likes to do business with a company that does not return phone calls or responds to messages.

basic conversion rate optimization tips

  1. Be transparent.

Every consumer likes an honest company, Hidden fees and inappropriate shipping times are known to drive customers away resulting in lesser conversions. Let them know of any taxes, shipping fees, time frames and any other charges. If the website creates any sense of untrustworthiness, visitors might bounce off from a nearly completed shopping cart transaction.

  1. Clearly include information about your company.

This would be best achieved through the use of an ‘about us’ page. Have this information clearly accessible to visitors who reach your landing page. This can convince them to trust you enough to earn their cash.

  1. Include a call to action.

You need to let your visitors know what to do next. Really good call to action statements should create a sense of urgency as well be compelling. Good examples include; Buy now, Add to cart, Download now, Join us and many others.

  1. Use arrows to direct visitors to your call to action.

This is a more subtle way to direct the user’s eye path to the most important areas of the page. An attractive arrow image can be a quick and easy way to boost conversions as such graphics gently push visitors in the right direction.

  1. Break down your content into sections.

You need to break down your landing page into at least subheadings and bullet lists where necessary and have a clear indication what the content is all about. This will make the content more readable. Visitors like simple and clean texts which are easy to read, this way they are going to make purchase decisions pretty fast.

Conversion rate optimization should not be a time consuming and complex process. A few simple changes can convert the traffic into sales. With the use of the 7 basic conversion rate optimization tips above you are going to enjoy more sales from your website.

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